Are you a Toronto-based business who will soon be moving to a new office location? As professional office movers serving the entirety of the Greater Toronto area, we help hundreds of local businesses relocate to new company addresses each and every year. From office furnishings to sensitive electronic and computer equipment, our movers move company belongings with the same level of respect that we afford every day to treasured family heirlooms and home furnishings. This is why we’re continually recommended by past and present clients to new businesses in the Greater Toronto area.

Of course, helping businesses relocate to new office premises often demands a lot more in the way of care, planning, and attention to detail than a regular home move. As well as furnishings and filing systems, the value of your everyday assets likely stands to be much greater. In like regard, any prolonged business downtime often simply isn’t an option.

Reducing Downtime Through Better Planning

While you have likely so far planned your office move in accordance with your businesses budget and future expansion plans, it’s no secret that many businesses simply don’t know where to start when it comes to the logistics of moving.

When and what do you pack first? Will you continue to use parts of your existing office until your new office is ready? In like manner, does you new office IT infrastructure need to be enabled prior to moving office paraphernalia such as chairs, desks and office partitions?

Thankfully, our movers can help you plan your upcoming office move in such a way that reduces any operational downtime to the absolute minimum, this and (where possible) completely eliminates disruption to your workflow. We can do this because unlike other Toronto movers who employ casual day laborers, all our moving teams are skilled and experienced in helping facilitate office moves for everyone from large scale call center operations to retail and warehouse based businesses.

Our Services

As part of our basic moving services, our Toronto movers can help local businesses with everything from basic packing and the disassembling of large furniture items to temporary and longer term storage of excess office materials. However, we don’t just pack goods and move them from location to location. Rather, we pack all office goods in as ordered a way possible. In doing so, you can rest assured that when any and all of your office goods and furnishings arrive at your new office, they will be easier for you to unpack and put to immediate use.

Do you have particularly fragile items which you need moving? If so, this isn’t a problem. Our movers can pack and where necessary crate such items in order to ensure that they arrive at your new office premises in the best possible condition.

However, it’s not always the case that businesses relocate in order to take advantage of larger office space. Occasionally, some businesses relocate to smaller, more downsized company locations. In this event, it’s not unusual for companies to have to put certain items into storage. Thankfully, then, we can help with this also. Whether for the short or long term, we can provide safe and secure storage of any amount of office materials.

Contact us Today to Find out More

Is your Toronto business planning on relocating to a new company address? If so make sure to call or contact us today in order to discuss your move in more detail. We’ll give you a no obligation free estimate in regard to any moving services which you might be in need of. At the same time, our representatives will be more than happy to answer any questions which you might have regarding the logistics of your move.