Are you based in Toronto and planning on moving? Unlike even the largest of home furnishings, a piano can be inordinately difficult to move from site to site. This is even the case when distances traveled between locations are relatively minimal. If you are considering moving it is, therefore, worth reaching out to specialist piano movers, ones who you can trust to help you relocate with minimal fuss and maximum respect for your instrument.

Respected Toronto Region Movers

Our piano movers are tasked with moving prized antique and more contemporary musical instruments every day. However, we don’t just prepare and transport instruments in the most professional and care orientated way possible. Rather, our movers are careful not to damage any part of your new or existing home in the process.

Specialist Piano Movers Every Time

Not all home moving contractors are created equal. In many cases, Toronto movers will employ casual laborers to help transport home furnishings from location to location. We don’t. When you reach out to us in regard to moving a piano, (or any other sensitive piece of equipment) we make sure that only the most experienced members of our moving team will be on hand to help you relocate. This being the case, you can rest assured that your piano will be handled with the due care it deserves through every step of its journey.

Will you Still Need To Tune Your Piano After Moving?

A common question which we are asked is, will piano owners be required to tune their instrument after moving? In answer, we always advise piano movers that once they have successfully moved into their new property, they likely will need to tune their instrument. However, re-tuning will not be required due to any miss-handling concerns. In many cases, tuning will simply be required due to different environmental and acoustic factors. These might include increased humidity in transit and/or the different acoustics of your new property.

Can Elite Movers Move any Piano?

Piano’s vary considerably not just in regard to size but in regard to overall design also. Thankfully, our movers are trained and experienced in the upright moving of everything from grand pianos to baby grand pianos. In every case, however, it is always best to reach out to us as early as possible. In this way, we can make sure to be able to have the teams and vehicles on hand which we will require to make moving your piano as easy as possible.

How Long Does Moving A Piano Take?

Another question which we are often presented with concerns how long it will take to successfully move a Piano. This is understandable as movers themselves often want to be ensured of the fastest, as well as most efficient service possible. However, it is very difficult to precisely estimate how long moving an individual piano will take.

While some piano models can be moved in as little as an hour, others can take up to a day to properly prepare, extract from your home, and move to their respective new locations. In like regard, the layout of your home or apartment and even factors such as the time of year can affect how long it will take to move a piano. Our advice, in this case, is to try and avoid movers who promise to move pianos and other delicate instruments in just a few hours. While sometimes we might take longer to move a piano than other Toronto moving companies, this is only because we don’t cut corners and always take the utmost care when handling every instrument we work with.

Elite Movers & You

Are you planning on relocating to a new property? If so, call or contact Elite Movers today. We’re Toronto’s most local and most well-respected movers. Even better, we have more experience than any other mover moving pianos and all kinds of other home musical instruments.