While a residential move is always exciting, it’s no secret that planning a move around your work, life, and family commitments can be challenging. Thankfully, Elite Movers is here to help you move into your new home with the utmost ease.

Serving residential customers all over the Greater Toronto area, we’re many peoples No.1 choice of local moving partner. This is due to us having years of experience helping families just like yours move from location to location. In like manner, we’re one of the most respected movers on the local Toronto business scene also

A Residential Moving Service that’s as Personal as you Are

Whether you are moving from a small apartment into a condo, or from a large town house to somewhere out in the suburbs, Elite Movers can help. No residential moving job is too big or too small. Even better, our residential movers are skilled and experienced in helping home owners move everything from contemporary home furnishings to less traditional furniture pieces such as grand pianos and large fine art collections.

However, what makes us different from other Toronto-based moving companies, is the fact that we don’t just help you move home. Rather, we work with you during and in advance of your move, in order to help you navigate any and all logistical issues as easily as possible.

Are you worried that you won’t have time to pack? Alternatively, are you worried that it simply might not be possible to relocate some of your home furnishings to your new property because of accessibility issues? Don’t be. When we help people move, we can help with everything from packing belongings, to providing safe and secure temporary storage for items which it might not be possible to relocate immediately

Personal & yet Affordable Residential Moving

Are you worried about the cost of an upcoming move? Alternatively, do you need to move suddenly due to a sudden change in your circumstances? Why ever and where ever in Toronto you’re planning on moving, we provide affordable residential moving services suitable for everyone. However, being affordable doesn’t mean that we don’t provide the highest possible standard of service to each of our clients.

At Elite Movers, we consider it our professional privilege to be able to help you transfer your belongings to your new home as safely and easily as possible. Just like any auction house, we’ll prepare any fragile or delicate items so that you can be assured that they won’t be damaged during transit. In like manner, even if you don’t need any help with actually packing your belongings, we’ll still provide you with boxes and advice in regard to how to best order your belongings so that they can be unpacked easier later.

Scheduling Your Move Around You & Your Family

Are you a busy professional who is already struggling to find time to organize your work life around your upcoming move? If so, don’t worry. We know how difficult it can be to plan a move. That’s why even if you don’t need direct assistance with things like packing, we'll still make sure to schedule the transfer of your belongings to your new property around whenever is most convenient for you.

Reach out to us Today for a Free Estimate

Will you soon be moving into a new home? If so, call or contact Elite Movers today. We’ll provide you with a no obligation free estimate in regard to the services which you might be in need of. In like manner, we’ll discuss with you any logistical concerns which you might have in regard to your move. Simply pick up the phone today, and let's start talking about how to make your next move go as smoothly and stress-free as possible.